About Je Veux

We believe in creating timeless classics to enhance modern life while keeping our impact on the planet to a minimum.

Je Veux came to life when my husband, Chris, and I  were chatting about the news of the day during the spring of 2020.  Chris challenged me to blend my love of scarves with the need for face coverings and design something new.  Being a veteran of the fashion industry, I started designing and Je Veux’s first item, The Modern Scarf, was born.  Chris and I decided to join forces to create Je Veux and launch with The Modern Scarf.

We focus on keeping our impact on the planet to a minimum through our designs, material selection, manufacturing partners and quality.

Design - Je Veux designs products that will enhance modern life which often results in a product servicing more than one function.  When designing we take into account the type of manufacturing that will need to be used and work to avoid features that adversely impact the planet.

Material Selection - Je Veux seeks out materials that are sustainable whether they be natural or man-made.  Je Veux is using 100% compostable shipping bags and uses minimal packing materials when shipping.  We partner with suppliers that hold sustainability as a key value.

Manufacturing - Je Veux is selecting manufacturing partners that embrace technology and have production practices in place to reduce impact to the planet.  Production in the USA is our first choice for manufacturing.

Quality - Je Veux creates timeless classic products by ensuring that the quality is of the highest level.  We painstakingly check (and re-check) each product to know that it meets our and your standards.  Products that last year after year reduce the need to replace them and break the cycle of fast fashion and over consumption.

We hope you follow along on our journey and love the products we create!

- M