What's in a Name?

We were inspired to name the brand Je Veux based on the song of the same name 'Je Veux' by the French singer Zaz.  In 2014 I was in Istanbul for work and talking to a friend about music and what we were listening too.  He pulled up 'Je Veux' by Zaz and I was instantly hooked, I loved it so much that I used it for a huge presentation for my company at the time.  In the song she talks about the most extravagant things she could have, but she truly wants joy, love and good spirit.  

We love the message in the song and at Je Veux we hope to bring you products that will bring you joy, love and good spirit.

Check out the song and I promise you will be hooked to her message and voice!  We have no affiliation with Zaz just fans who were inspired!